Where to get the best Truffles in Melbourne!

It’s Truffle Season!

With the on-set of Truffle season we though we would take the time to help you get hold of truffles in Melbourne and also some of the best dishes to prepare to enjoy this delicacy.

Firstly, what is the best region to get your truffles from? There are many to choose from including WA, Victoria, Tasmania and NSW. We have an affinity for Tasmanian but this all comes down to your personal preference.

Here are some places you can contact to get you Truffles:

Madame Truffles - //www.madametruffles.com.au/

Truffle Harvest - //www.truffleharvest.com.au/

The Truffle Man - //www.thetruffleman.com.au/

Perigord - //www.perigord.com.au/

Tasmanian Truffles - //www.tastruffles.com.au/


There are many more places to get them from but these should get you going.

What to Cook!

Truffles are best used with eggs, cream or butter. Here are some easy recipes to help you along, but the sky is the limit with a great imagination.

Truffled Eggs:

Place you truffle in an airtight container with a dozen eggs overnight. The perfume from the truffle will infuse its scent through the porous outer shell and perfume the eggs. These can then be used to make scramble eggs, pasta, omelets etc. We always like to top these with a little freshly grated truffle as well.


Scallops with a Truffle Butter Sauce:

This is an easy recipe. Get hold of enough scallops for 3 per person. Melt a good amount on butter in a pan and sear off your scallops. Places scallops to rest and finely chop a hand full of flat leaf parsley and add to the pan whilst still warm. Place scallops on plate and top with a shaving of truffle and spoon over the warm butter sauce.


Truffled Mash:

Make up your mashed potato as usual making sure you use butter and cream then at the very end add some fresh truffle shavings until you can smell the perfume coming from the hot potato. Serve with steak or lamb and a good red wine jus!

We hope you enjoyed our take on Truffles.

Tasmanian Truffle

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